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437 Chevy Aluminum
Billet block, 13/11 Dart heads complete with titanium rods, light weight crank, T&D steel rockers, titanium valves, 55mm roller cam with bushing lifters keyed
$28,000 with carburetor

UMP Mod 393 (Fresh)
Dart Lil M block, new Dan Olsen pan, Dart 16* heads, Dyers 6.125 rods, Callies XL Honda crank, 50mm roller cam, shaft rockers with titanium valves
$18,000 with carburetor

UMP Mod 406 (Fresh)
Dart Lil M block, new Dan Olsen Pan, Dart 16* heads, Carrillo rods 6", Callies crank, 50mm roller cam, shaft rockers, new Olson pan, titanium valves
$18,000 with carburetor

Ford 393 (2nd Freshen)
Dart block, SC1 Aluminum heads, titanium valves, Dyers rods, complete with carburetor

Ford 440
Dart Iron block, SC1 Chapman heads, titanium valves, Crower titanium rods, Bryant 4.125 crank, T&D shaft rockers, roller cam, fresh
$15,000 with carburetor

435 CID Chevy (3 Freshens)
All alluminum Dart 13* heads, Dart aluminum block, Outlaw package, Bryant crank, titanium valves, 55mm cam, bushing lifters, fresh
$21,000 with carburetor

398 CID Chevy
All aluminum Dart 15* heads, Dart Aluminum block, Callies XL Honda crank, Honda rods, .937 keyed lifters, Crower billet rockers, fresh
$23,000 with carburetor

435 Engine
All Aluminum 13/11 Dart heads, Dart block, Winberg crank, Carillo rods, 50mm cam, titanium valves, bushing lifters, T&D shaft rockers, fresh
$22,000 with carburetor

426 Engine
All aluminum wide bore 13* Brodix heads, Brodix block, 2nd freshen, Crower billet crank, Honda journal Crower titanium rods, 55mm cam with bushing lifters, T&D steel shaft rockers
$29,000 with carburetor