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Used 360 WISSOTA Late Model Engine (Fresh)
Honda rods, SHP Pro block (lightweight 391 lbs), 1st freshen
$20,900 with carburetor

New Chevrolet 440 Engine
440 wide bore, Brodix block 10*, Brodix heads with stainless headers
$39,000 with carburetor

Used 418 USMTS Spec Engine (Fresh)
New light block, Crower light, Dyer's Honda, 50mm roller, 1st freshen
$20,000 with carburetor

Used 430 SB2.2 (Fresh)
Bryant crank, Carrillo rods, JE pistons, Dart block, T&D rockers, Keyed lifters, 937

Used 413 UMP Modified Engine
14 degree Pro Action heads, 3,800 Bryant, 6* titanium rods, 50mm roller, Dan Olson pan
$16,000 with carburetor

Used 430 All Aluminum Engine (Freshened)
Brodix BD 1010 heads, Brodix block complete
$20,000 with carburetor

440 Wide Bore Dart
9* Heads with titanium rods, titanium valves, T&D rockers, lightened intake
2nd Freshen
$27,000 with carburetor

360 WDLMA/SUPR Engine
Brodix Spec Heads, GM010 block
Fresh with Carburetor $13,000

426 Wide Bore
Brodix 13* heads with titanium rods
Fresh with Carburetor $28,000

Used 420 UMP Late Model
, Dart 13* heads, all aluminum, with Crower crank, Dyers Rods, Brodix block with new titanium valves
$23,000 with carburetor

Used 393 UMP MOD
Dart lil M block, Dan Olson pan, Dart 15* heads, 50mm cam, shaft rockers, titanium valves Callies XL crank, honda rods, 780 HP 625 torque, fresh

Used 406 UMP MOD
SHP pro block with 50mm roller cam, Dart 16* heads, Crower crank, Callies rods, shaft rockers, titanium valves, 770 HP  640 torque