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USMTS Modified Engine- 420 First Freshen
Best of everything Dart shp pro block
Lightweight crank and rods
$19000 with carb

USMTS Modified Engine 422 Second Freshen
Dart lil m block
3.875 Callies xl
Honda Dyers Rods
$16000 with carb

437 Chevy Aluminum
Billet block, 13/11 Dart heads complete w/titanium rods, light weight crank, T&D
steel rockers, titanium valves, 55mm roller cam w/bushing lifters keyed
$28,000 w/carb

UMP Mod 415 CID
Crower semi ultralight 3.800, Dyers 6" rods, Dart 16* heads, Dart Lil M block, 50mm
roller cam, titanium valves, new Olsen pan, shaft rockers, fresh
$19,000 w/carb

UMP Mod 393
Dart Lil M block, Dart 16* heads, Dyers 6.125 rods, Callies XL Honda crank, 50mm roller
cam, shaft rockers w/titanium valves, fresh
$17,000 w/carb

UMP Mod 406
Dart Lil M block, Dart 16* heads, Carrillo rods 6", Callies new crank, SOmm roller cam,
shaft rockers, new Olson pan, titanium valves, fresh
$16,000 w/carb

New 11 * 434
best of everything, 4.400 bore space, Bryant crank, Dyers rods, steel rockers .... Fall special
$35,000 w/carb

Ford 393
Dart block, 2"d freshen, SC1 Aluminum heads, titanium valves, Dyers rods, complete w/carb
$23,000 fresh

Ford 440
Dart Iron block, SC1 Chapman heads, titanium valves, Crower titanium rods, Bryant 4.125
crank, T&D shaft rockers, roller cam, fresh
$15,000 w/carb

435 CID Chevy
all aluminum Dart 13* heads, Dart aluminum block, Outlaw package, Bryant crank,
titanium valves, 55mm cam, bushing lifters, 3 freshens
$21,000 w/carb fresh

398 CID Chevy
all aluminum Dart 15* heads, Dart Aluminum block, Callies XL Honda crank, Honda rods,
.937 keyed lifters, Crower billet rockers, fresh
$23,000 w/carb

438 arl aluminum
13/11 Dart heads, Brodix block, Callies XL crank, Crower titanium rods, 50mm cam,
titanium valves, bushing lifters, T&D shaft rockers, fresh
$23,000 w/carb

438 All aluminum
13* Dart heads, Dart block, Callies Honda journal crank, 6" Dyers Honda rods, 50mm
roller cam, titanium valves, T&D shaft rockers w/500 laps
$17,000 w/carb

424 All aluminum
13* Brodix heads, Brodix block, 1st freshen, Callies billet crank, Honda journal Crower
titanium rods, 5Smm cam w/bushing lifters, T&D steel shaft rockers