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426 Wide Bore (Fresh)
13 degree Brodix heads, Brodix block, 1st freshen

406 E-Mod Engine
16 degree heads, titanium valves, shaft rockers, new DART SHP pro block, new aluminum Dan Olson wet sump pan, fresh off dyno, 780 HP, 650 torque
$18,000 with carburetor

Ford D3 432 All-Aluminum Dirt Late Model Engine (Fresh)
D3 heads, all aluminum, 1st Freshen

Chevy 440 Wide Bore (Fresh)
10 degree Brodix heads, Brodix block
$28,000 with carburetor

Chevy 440 Wide Bore (Fresh)
11 degree Brodix heads, Brodix block, Honda rods, 1st freshen

Ford 406 Engine (Fresh)
D3 heads, Dart aluminum block, Bryant crank, titanium rods
$28,000 with carburetor

Chevy 437 Engine (Fresh)
New 13/11 Dart heads, Billet block, steel rockers, titanium rods, 2nd Freshen
$30,000 with carburetor

Used 360 WISSOTA Late Model Engine (Fresh)
Honda rods, SHP Pro block (lightweight 391 lbs), 1st freshen
$20,900 with carburetor

Used 418 USMTS Spec Engine (Fresh)
New light block, Crower light, Dyer's Honda, 50mm roller, 1st freshen
$20,000 with carburetor

360 WDLMA/SUPR Engine
Brodix Spec Heads, GM010 block
Fresh with Carburetor $13,000

426 Wide Bore
Brodix 13* heads with titanium rods
Fresh with Carburetor $28,000

Used 420 UMP Late Model
, Dart 13* heads, all aluminum, with Crower crank, Dyers Rods, Brodix block with new titanium valves
$23,000 with carburetor

Used 393 UMP MOD
Dart lil M block, Dan Olson pan, Dart 15* heads, 50mm cam, shaft rockers, titanium valves Callies XL crank, honda rods, 780 HP 625 torque, fresh